Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Ultimate Release

What if you could instantly free yourself from all personal hang ups? In other words...

With one finger snap, you could instantly undo any past mistakes. Melt away any regret, any pain.

What would you gain? What might you lose?

Would you hit that reset button?

What an opportunity! First, my mind raced to all the amazing things I could do free from anxiety and defense mechanisms. I'd have fresh eyes for any situation, try everything, and master anything.

Sounds perfect!

But...wait. There's a catch.

If I deleted all my past mistakes and the grief that went along with it, who would I be?

Life unfurls as a series of continuous moments. There wasn't a huge leap from childhood to now. That includes every single moment... both the happy and the sad.

Looking back, the biggest challenges I've faced have been the most rewarding gateways for personal growth. If I hit that reset button, I would be a shadow of who I am today.

That's when I realized the truest “ultimate release” can't come from erasing (or denying) the past.

A real release comes from tearing down the walls that have been built up and embracing our toughest moments. It means visiting the darkest corners of our soul to examine what we've learned. And celebrating the resilience, strength and wisdom that goes along with it.

When we see our true nature clearly, then we realize that we are perfect just the way we are.